Meet Pastor Doug Horner

Pastor Doug Horner was born in New Jersey and grew up in the Garden State, as well as in Elmira, New York and Lorain, Ohio. He studied Christian Education at Defiance College in Ohio, then attended Yale Divinity School - where he received a Masters of Divinity in Liberation Theology and Biblical Studies.

Doug also served in the U.S. Marines, and went on to minister at Church of the Savior in Washington D.C. as well as working in Rumsford, Rhode Island. He felt called to a church with a Missions focus, and loves the active and very social aspect of St. Paul's Community Church U.C.C., as well as the truly diverse and multi-faceted congregation that comes through the doors weekly. "There's never a dull moment here," he confides with a smile.

Pastor Doug considers his spirituality to be an "inward/outward journey," with his inward focus being worship and his outward focus being to serve others. On just about any Sunday you'll find Doug playing his electric guitar as part of the worship team, then delivering a sermon and serving communion to all in attendance. He routinely provides direction and support to the many struggling individuals who seek his guidance and help each week, and networks and joins with civic, religious and activist leaders on a variety of issues that impact Cleveland, Ohio City and America in general.

       "God is good. All the time. The Gospels & the Psalms tell of God’s glory." - Doug Horner

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Pastor Doug Horner

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